When a Sydney plumber named Adam got tired of his underwear always riding up on the job, he created a pair of jocks that were specifically designed to fit - and stay put. Radical as it was, the idea set off like wildfire and MOJO Downunder was born with a commitment to crafting underwear that’s built to stay in place.

Marketed for the everyday man, MOJO’s jocks are designed for three main body shapes, the rectangle Ectomorph, the triangle Mesomorph and the square Endomorph. Each are made for a range of different sports and activities where support down there is key. The ‘no-ride’ design is appealing to all men who are active and seek comfortable and supportive underwear construction for all-year-round wear.

Maximising their technical styling and focus on enhancing the performance of fabric to bring an ever-expanding line of men’s clothing, MOJO Downunder also have a range of hats, t-shirts, socks, board shorts and beanies. Strong and eye-popping colour combinations are an essential part of the MOJO design.

THE ICONIC offers a range of brightly coloured underwear in all of MOJO’s styles. Cut from soft cotton jersey fabric, they will become your new undies drawer staple. MOJO underwear are a smart investment for athletic and active men. Shop THE ICONIC's range of MOJO Downunder underwear and enjoy free and fast shipping across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.