A more sustainable way to shop

Introducing a more sustainable way to shop your most coveted items, thanks to our new partnership with AirRobe.

With just a tap, add THE ICONIC items straight to your AirRobe to make them instantly available to resell, rent or recycle once you’re done loving them.

Shop with confidence and wear those special pieces you’ve always wanted, before giving them a second life. Better for the planet, better for your budget!

A more sustainable way to shopA more sustainable way to shop

How it works

Discover how you can re-sell, rent or recycle your wardrobe in just a few easy steps with AirRobe on THE ICONIC. Watch now!

How it worksHow it works

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Browse your favourite items on THE ICONIC and add them to your very own Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe with just one click.

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If you didn't 'Add to AirRobe' on the product page, you will still have a chance to add all items in your bag at checkout.

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Once you complete your purchase, all eligible items will be ready for you in your Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe.

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Simply click through from your order confirmation to activate your new account, or via the welcome email from AirRobe.

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After you've loved and worn your items, you can easily resell, rent or recycle them on AirRobe's marketplace.


As part of our journey towards creating a circular economy, THE ICONIC has partnered with AirRobe, a second-hand fashion marketplace. Through a new widget implemented on THE ICONIC, you can add your ICONIC purchases directly to your Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe, making them immediately available for you to recycle, rent or resell them, after you have loved and worn them.

This is a significant milestone as THE ICONIC will become the only online multi-fashion brand retailer in Australia to provide customers a seamless solution for their pre-loved fashion items.

With one click you can add THE ICONIC purchases to AirRobe. After placing your order, you can activate your AirRobe account by clicking through from THE ICONIC order confirmation page. Once your AirRobe account is activated, you can choose to rent, recycle or resell your items through AirRobe. Your purchased items will be there waiting for you: when ready to list them on the AirRobe marketplace, just update their condition and you are ready to go.

You can rent, recycle and re-sell most fashion products on AirRobe. However, we want to encourage our customers towards more conscious consumption, so some products might not be eligible due to factors such as the age, category or price of the product. Please note that eligibility of a product may also change over time.  
If your items are not eligible for AirRobe but still in good condition you can donate them through our Giving Made Easy initiative.

AirRobe is a separate company, so your account won’t automatically link. After adding your purchased items and successfully placing your order, you will still need to activate your AirRobe account (unless you already have one). On the order confirmation page you will have the option to click through to AirRobe and activate your account. If you do not activate your account at this point, you will also receive an email from AirRobe with a link to complete your account activation.

Once you add an item, your Circular Wardrobe will be accessible via AirRobe only. You will not be able to view AirRobe items via your THE ICONIC account.

If you have added your purchased item to AirRobe via THE ICONIC, once you set an AirRobe account, your item will be waiting for you in AirRobe so that when you’re ready to list them you only need to provide an update on their condition, e.g. if they have been gently used. It’s advisable to upload a photo of the pre-loved condition of the items when you are ready to list them, to help buyers in their purchase decision.

The easiest way to list items on AirRobe is to add products before placing your order with THE ICONIC. However, you can also manually upload products and list them on the AirRobe marketplace directly from your AirRobe account – visit AirRobe for details on how to do this.

When you add an item, you are consenting to THE ICONIC providing your contact details to AirRobe. AirRobe will then contact you to set up an account only. If you receive unwanted promotional content from them, please contact their customer service team.

If you return an item listed on AirRobe back to THE ICONIC, you need to go into your AirRobe account and remove the item. You can find information on how to do this in their FAQs here.