With a brand ethos of pushing the limits of design, performance, form and function, APL are leading the way in ground-breaking sports footwear technology. Founded in 2009 and formally launched in 2010 by twin brothers and multidisciplinary college athletes, Adam and Ryan Goldston, Athletic Propulsion Labs immediately became a major contender in sports and performance wear.

APL quickly made a name for itself with the launch of the exclusive Load ‘N Launch® Technology, with spring-effect properties enabling wearers to jump higher, run lighter and launch faster. Implemented in the Concept 1, their first model of shoe, the technology caused a shake up of the NBA, who banned the shoe for “providing an undue competitive advantage”. It was the first shoe to have been banned in the NBA’s long history.

APL is dedicated to expanding horizons of sportswear innovation, so you can reach your fitness goals unhindered. With a range of designs for men and women, each pair of sneakers incorporate tried-and-true features and state-of-the-art technology for a fit that will not only support you, but will also elevate you to new levels of performance.

With revolutionary signature technologies like the engineered TechLoom technology that encourages airflow and gently holds the foot in place for ultimate support, and the Propelum™ sole that enhances cushioning, shock absorption and energy generation, APL has something to offer for every high and low intensity training session.

Shop the APL edit with THE ICONIC and start your fitness journey on the right foot, with style and comfort on your side.