Invite a spa-like sensory experience into your home with THE ICONIC’s ever-growing range of home fragrance diffusers. Whether you’re after a traditional reed diffuser or sleek electric unit that sits seamlessly on a shelf or side table, our collection of diffusers has scents and styles to suit every home’s personal profile.

For a classic olfactory experience that evokes an undeniably tranquil aura, look no further than a reed diffuser. Reed diffusers are a simple way to disperse scent around a space without the need for power or heat. A collection of slender reeds rests in a vessel, their ends immersed in liquid fragrance. Over time, the fragrance is dispersed through the soaked reeds, resulting in a subtle yet ever-present scent. With beautiful glass vessels from brands like Aery Living and Wicks & Stones, a reed diffuser serves the dual purpose of bringing gorgeous scents and a calming aesthetic to your home.

For adaptive home fragrance that can be experienced exactly as you desire, look to ECO. Modern Essentials’ range of glass, bamboo and stone mist diffusers. With a host of customisable features, including mist timer settings, intermittent or continuous mist, and lighting options to create a bespoke atmosphere, the brand’s range of electronic diffusers and essential oil blends is a contemporary way to experience aromatherapy.

THE ICONIC is a one-stop online shop for all your home fragrance needs, with an ever-expanding range of diffusers and scented oils to help you create a unique ambience in your space.

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