Botanist Aromatherapy

Handmade with love in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Botanist Aromatherapy is a range of aromatic essential oil blends, mists and magnesium bath soaks, each containing moon-charged crystals for a special touch.

For use with your essential oil aroma diffuser of choice, choose a botanical essential oil diffuser blend filled with classic and pure essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot and peppermint, ideal for helping to create your ideal ambience at home. Essential oil room sprays and fragrance mists make a quick and easy way to scent your space. Create an uplifting atmosphere in your space with an energy blend, best sprayed around the room or interior before your next meditation session.

Essential oils for self-love are sorted with the Botanist self love roller blend, containing moon-energised rose quartz crystals, or try soaking in a warm magnesium bath with a Botanist Aromatherapy rose petal bath soak. For help getting to sleep, a sleep spray spritzed onto your pillow or roller ball essential oil applicator can become a staple in your nighttime routine.

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