For a murder mystery detective game that’s fun for the whole family, you can’t go past Cluedo. THE ICONIC stocks a range of Cluedo board games to suit kids and adults alike, making it easy to expand your next games night with this classic crime-solving adventure.

A true icon of the board game canon, Cluedo was first devised way back in the early 1940s by English musician Anthony E. Pratt and his wife Elva. With the patent granted in 1947 and the first versions hitting the shelves in 1949, Cluedo transformed the murder mystery genre around the world. While many tweaks and changes have been made to various new editions over the years, the core of Cluedo remains the same. A detailed board depicts rooms, corridors and secret passageways in a Tudor-style English country house. At the beginning of play, a card each identifying one suspect, one room and one weapon are selected at random and stored in a secret envelope. It’s the information hidden in this special envelope that players spend the rest of the game trying to deduce. To win the game, a player must accurately identify all three elements of the murder in a single turn.

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