Conscious Calendar Co.

Conscious Calendar Co. serves as a remedy for the modern world, promising an assortment of precious stones and minerals to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Founded by Sarah Keeley during a drive home from Byron Bay, the Australian lifestyle brand promises to help you connect, grow, and be inspired to live a conscious life.

Crystals are unique fragments of the Earth’s uneven crust, which for centuries have been utilised for their healing properties in connection to the body’s own energy centres. When placed consciously around the home or your body and close environment, crystals filter out the negative charge from unproductive and stagnant areas of your life in favour of more positive and clean energy derived from the Earth’s natural energy fields.

THE ICONIC offers a select range of Conscious Calendar Co. crystals and mineralised stones, all in their natural forms and as unique as you are. For a grounding crystal that dissolves negative energies and invites harmony into your life, consider adding the Smoky Quartz to your meditation routine to raise your vibrations. Connect with yourself and feel at peace with your body and surroundings with the Blue Quartz, the perfect crystal to help tackle stress and anxiety. The Clear Quartz is a must-have for those who want reflection, clarity, and spiritual cleansing, and the Rainbow Hematite opens a way for you to release and centre yourself.

With each unique crystal playing a part in uncovering your chakras, Conscious Calendar Co. brings a modern spin to the art of slowing down and being in tune with oneself. Perfect as a gift and for yourself, shop THE ICONIC for fast and free shipping to Australia and New Zealand.