Crazy Skates

Founded in Australia in 2004, industry-acclaimed manufacturer Crazy Skates have become synonymous with progressive technology and bold designs. Since taking their success state-side and launching in America in 2011, the brand has become a global phenomenon in a niche marketplace full of emerging fashion and subculture. At THE ICONIC, we simply cannot get enough of skating; an activity that has shifted away from being a mere trend and towards a full-blown lifestyle outlet.

From roller skates, inline skates or roller blades and scooters, Crazy Skates’ collection has got you sorted. Renowned for their ability to give each pair a personality that will suit yours, the brand’s catalogue is a melting pot of colours, themes and finishes. For classic skates reminiscent of waitresses at 1950s carhop diners, the Retro Roller Skate is for you. With their smooth vegan leather upper, solid alloy frame and feminine stacked heel, you are sure to roll around in poodle-skirt style. If you’re into the funky roller disco of the 1970s, then the sequinned upper and glitter wheels of the Disco Glitz skates will give you a taste of that Saturday Night Fever. For more understated designs best suited to casual laps around the rink then the Rolla skates are perfect. Evocative of a high-top sneaker, this pair incorporates ABEC-5 chrome speed bearings, injected polyurethane wheels and steel axles.

For the urban commuter on the go or the skater who wants to showcase their stunts and tricks, then a Crazy Skates scooter is just what you need. Built with anodised alloy core wheels, the brand’s signature reinforced steel FLARE T-Bar, and flex spring steel brakes, each scooter is manufactured to maintain strength and stability after prolonged use.

Whether it be an intense way to work up a sweat or a more playful day spent rolling around the skatepark, at THE ICONIC, we are obsessed with the fun, glamour and nostalgia that the Crazy Skates’ catalogue has to offer.