Iconic waterproof apparel company Driza-Bone is imbued with Australian heritage and immediately conjures images of stockmen on horseback. First established in the 1890s, Driza-Bone was conceived by British sailor Emilius Le Roy who came up with the idea of making wet weather-proof jackets from ship sails and oil. Originating from the phrase ‘Dry as a bone’ the company trademarked the name in 1933 and the rest is Australian workwear history.

Driza-Bone oilskin outerwear is hard-working, high-quality and protects against the harshest weather conditions. The company is 100% Australian-owned and prides itself on putting quality before fashion trends which means Driza-Bone clothing will last for years to come. Each garment is made with durability, protection and comfort in mind and the range offers men’s wardrobe staples for every season and weather extreme.

Influenced by military apparel, the collection includes menswear that can be worn in any environment yet retains a cultured, masculine aesthetic. Classic menswear colours including stone, navy and black, an attention to detail, polished finishes and quality materials are a trademark of the brand, making it perfect for the modern workman. Famous for their oilskin riding coats, Driza-Bone also make waterproof jackets, vests and fashion apparel including button up shirts, polos, sweaters, knits, windcheaters, headwear and pants. Discover Driza-Bone’s menswear collections at THE ICONIC and shop this legendary Australian brand.