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The Iconic Edition
|26 Nov 2019|4 mins

We Are Human

#THEICONIChumans share their stories.

Do not underestimate the power of fashion – at once accoutrement and armour – projecting us to the world, while also protecting us. In this, there is unison, a common thread that weaves us together, regardless of where we come from.

Each and every one of us is as human as the next; our innate programming propelling us forward in search of life’s most basic provisions – food, shelter, love, safety and a sense of self and belonging. A list of needs as logical as it is simple. We all have dreams and hopes, fears and insecurities. How, then, can it be that perceived differences have the power to divide us, when it is our inherent similarities connecting us on the deepest level? Why are we so often afraid of those who are not immediately recognisable to us, rather than embracing diversity in all its forms, even when that causes discomfort by confronting often long-held views?

Let’s return to the idea of the common thread, and use it to create something useful, a legacy we can be proud of, because diversity weaves a more beautiful tapestry. Beauty is messy, contradictory, imperfect.

We Are Human is a story of individuality and togetherness. A dual celebration of the unique qualities that shape who we are and frame how we move through the world, collectively. It is about honouring each other and the strength that comes from community. We believe in change and the power of challenging the status quo through thought-provoking conversation. We don’t have all the answers, but we are ready to ask the questions.

Our runway models are a group of individuals who we recognise as being powerful forces for change in the fashion industry. Alongside them we have the ability to shift the fashion dynamic for good, through their stories we hope to inspire you to join us on this journey.

Share your stories with us #THEICONIChumans.

"I was an extremely anxious adolescent and as my career blossomed it tested my strengths, exploited my weaknesses and played with my boundaries – emotionally, mentally and physically."

Read Charlee's story.

“My mantra is ‘don’t change yourself, change the game’."

Read Halima's story.

Photo by Doug Inglish

“My life began when I started to meditate."

Read Toby's story.

"We each are precious. Human. Relevant. Every life, a pin-up."

Read Abigail's story.

"Mum and I have always been close, and to this day she supports me the same way as in the beginning."

Read Samantha's story.

"I could be accepted, I could be Aboriginal AND gay."

Read Casey's story.

"When I started loving one part of me, everything else I hated soon started falling in line too."

Read Cindy's story.

Matthew Adekponya

"I grew up wanting to study the environment so that’s what I did."

Read Rae's story.

CoolPrettyCool by Chloe Hill

"From a very young age I learned to appreciate the simple things in life such as family, health, happiness and nature."

Read Billie-Jean's story.

Adam Bryce

“I’m a human on the brink of discovering what makes us tick and what makes us twirl.”

Read Annabel's story.

PHOTO Diana Melfi

“My friends and family are the seed of my happiness, without them I wouldn’t be able to be as positive and happy as I am.”

Read Mason's story.

"Inclusion has resonated for many women over 50 who feel invisible to the fashion industry.”

Read Mercy's story.

PHOTO Mirela Kraljevic

"All I’ve learnt? That we are in control of nothing, that we don’t know what life has in store for us.”

Read Anissa's story.

PHOTO Agnieszka Chambros

"Growing up in Africa is fast-paced: you start walking and exploring at a very young age."

Read Mun's story.

PHOTO Nelly Skoufatoglou

"I grew up listening to war stories not nursery rhymes. I realised how liberating being different is."

Read Marek's story.

PHOTO Rachel Webb

"Enjoy your body. Use it, every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it."

Read Bruna's story.

“I come from Uzbekistan and, when I’m home, I love to hike. It’s so special to me that I have that time there.”

Read Dasha's story.

PHOTO Lily Cummings

“The turning point for me was when I got tired of starving myself.”

Read Rosaline's story.

PHOTO Gavin O'Neill

“Take life day by day – these are the words I’m living by right now.”

Read Michelle's story.

“As a young Aboriginal man with a profile, I need to be a voice of change and empathy.”

Read Isaiah's story.

“Many things make up who I am and I hope to inspire other women to understand that they don’t need to change that.”

Read Nawal's story.

PHOTO Jade Jeffries

"I am a global citizen, but Byron will always have my heart.”

Read Jeff's story.

PHOTO Victor Low

"I never really had a direct path to follow in life, I kind of just learnt to march to the beat of my own drum."

Read Levi's story.

PHOTO Josie Clough

"I want the next generation to know diversity and I want them to be confident with their bodies."

Read Bree's story.

"That time in my life was horribly dark, however it is now what I am most thankful for."

Read Josh's story.

PHOTO Oliver Minnett

"I was lucky enough to be raised around culture, politics and the wisdom and knowledge passed down from my elders."

Read Lala's story.

PHOTO Josue Hurtado

“I feel really privileged to have learnt so much about other cultures, to have grown up alongside them.”

Read Jack's story.

PHOTO Lenny Bartholomew

"So, I gave up football and, with the support of my family, followed my passion to make music, act and model."

Read Juay's story.

PHOTO David Blake

"The world, sometimes darkened with prejudice and destruction, cannot overshadow the light that is produced when people of all races, cultures, religions, personalities, and sexualities come together."

Read Ella's story.
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