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|18 Apr 2019|4 mins

We Checked In With 7 Astrology Accounts And Here’s What’s Supposed To Happen This Week

PSA: it's a full moon on Friday.

It’s hardly news that we can’t stop reading our horoscopes. No matter how much credence we put in their predictions, it’s as daily as a habit as brushing our teeth, our morning coffee(s) and scrolling through our Instagram feed.

RN, we’re reeling in the wake of the new moon and Jupiter heading into retrograde … And Friday brings the full moon...

So, we thought we’d put this time spent to good use and share what we found online for you for the week ahead. Check back in a week or so and see if they were on the money…

We know we will.

Thanks to @natalia_benson


Don’t wig out ... Step up instead
As told by @natalia_benson

Jupiter went retrograde on April 10 but there’s no need, Natalia Benson, modern mystic, astrologer and is the woman behind The Jupiter Club, to have a cosmic trip out.

“Let’s remember what a #retrograde actually is — an opportunity to re-evaluate , re-member your truth & explore your inner terrain and true north … Jupiter is the energy that expands us - when we pay attention to her cosmic resonance according to #retrograde we can discover the unique & powerful gifts that only we can bring because there is only ONE unique version of US!”


Don't give up
As told by @newparadigmastrology

Is run by a man who goes by the name of Kaypacha who delivers a weekly download from wherever he is in the world (usually a jungle in Hawaii somewhere, often without a shirt on). He gives you rhymes to live by. And the one for this week?

“The death of innocent illusion, makes it hard to believe again ...

But dream I will and with work and faith, be triumphant in the end.”


Face all that you've been dodging
As told by @mysticmamma

Mystic Mamma has long been on our check-in list. The new moon just gone, she tells us, was a powerful one and one that leaves you will little choice but to face fulfilling your potential.

“The scope of what’s been happening energetically for a lot of us, is that whatever feelings we have been ignoring and repressing can no longer be brushed aside, for they are rising strongly within us. We are needing to face what we truly feel, so we can allow our truth to be released.”


Take advantage of this not-so-gentle push the universe is giving you
As told by @gypsyqueentarotoracle

Still on the New Moon, Byron Bay-based astrologer Alberta Richards says:

“We’ve got all the usual thrills of raw, fierce Aries vitality, physical energy to burn and glorious confidence in our personal direction right now. To the extent New Moons require the clear emotional perspective to seize new opportunities with conscious initiative; the brazenly positive, impatient, future oriented energy of Aries loves this!

And the aspect to practical Saturn provides the perfect counterpoint. Saturn supports our forward momentum with the requisite pragmatic intelligence to finesse the details, and check our genuine commitment to whatever we are chasing up right now; the better to get it right. We are creating our own opportunities and manifesting our reality on our own, perfect terms with this Moon, so why not keep the vision crystal clear and nail it huh?”

Finish whatever the hell it is that you started
As told by @chaninicholas

Chani Nicholas is an astrologer and writer who shares what the planets' movements mean for us on the reg. Her take on Mercury (finally) leaving Pieces this week?

“Writing projects have a much greater chance of actually getting done with this placement, but all aspects of communication, teaching, planning, and spell-casting are more easily achieved. If you struggled through February, March, and this much of April, to get something finisheddddd, you might have more luck doing so now.”

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more general...


Try this for an astrology starter pack
As told by @costarastrology

Co-star is the horoscope account that’s less about what’s heading your way and more about the traits of your star sign. How you deal with a break up, for example. And, it’s surprisingly accurate. Apologies in advance to my future ex boyfriends (I’m a Virgo).


Monthly mantra
As told by @nadinejane_astrology

New York astrologer Nadine Jane is also she’s big on the individual signs rather than the broader trends going down. Warming: her monthly manifestos are addictive / the perfect new wallpaper for your phone. A reminder of all the good things that are coming your way.

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