Emu Australia

Founded in 1948 and based in South Geelong, Victoria, EMU AUSTRALIA is the home of globally-acclaimed sheepskin, leather and merino wool products. In achieving optimal comfort and luxury, THE ICONIC has carefully curated a coveted collection of EMU AUSTRALIA’s women's footwear. From slides and slippers to boots and sneakers, every pair by EMU AUSTRALIA is a nod to the brand’s sustainability goals.

Taking pride in their sourcing and use of materials, EMU AUSTRALIA’s commitment to their craftsmanship has resulted in unparalleled finishes. Their widely admired sheepskin is 100% Australian grown, super soft and water resistant. Their Australian Merino wool is warm, soft and naturally plush which provides for premium insulation that is both breathable and odour-resistant. Their Australian leather has been purposefully chosen for its buttery feel and flawless finish. Their soft suede promises a velvety handle without compromising on breathability and durability.

Inspired by the brand’s love affair with nature, a pair of EMU AUSTRALIA ugg boots or fluffy sheepskin slides are designed to inspire the same love affair within each wearer. Ultra-cosy and decadent to touch, at THE ICONIC we simply cannot get enough of snuggling our toes into every pair.