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Girls Denim (3-16 YEARS)

3 YRSHEIGHT: 100cm
WAIST: 55cm
HIP: 59cm
INLEG: 37cm
4 YRSHEIGHT: 108cm
WAIST: 56cm
HIP: 62cm
INLEG: 42cm
5 YRSHEIGHT: 115cm
WAIST: 57cm
HIP: 64cm
INLEG: 46cm
6 YRSHEIGHT: 120cm
WAIST: 58cm
HIP: 66cm
INLEG: 49cm
7 YRSHEIGHT: 125cm
WAIST: 59cm
HIP: 68cm
INLEG: 52cm
8 YRSHEIGHT: 130cm
WAIST: 60cm
HIP: 72cm
INLEG: 54cm
10 YRSHEIGHT: 140cm
WAIST: 62cm
HIP: 78cm
INLEG: 60cm
12 YRSHEIGHT: 150cm
WAIST: 64cm
HIP: 84cm
INLEG: 66cm
14 YRSHEIGHT: 160cm
WAIST: 66cm
HIP: 90cm
INLEG: 71cm
16 YRSHEIGHT: 165cm
WAIST: 70cm
HIP: 95cm
INLEG: 72cm


WAIST: To measure correctly stand straight and wrap the tape around the smallest part of your torso and be firm.

HIP: For this one, you'll need to wrap the tape across the middle of the hipbone.

INSIDE LEG: The inside leg measurement should be taken from your crotch point all the way down to your ankle.