Size Guide - 2XU

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Womens Compression Tights

XXSWEIGHT: 30-40kg
HEIGHT: 145-165cm
XSWEIGHT: 40-50kg
HEIGHT: 150-170cm
SWEIGHT: 45-55
HEIGHT: 150-175cm
MWEIGHT: 55-65kg
HEIGHT: 150-180cm
LWEIGHT: 65-75kg
HEIGHT: 150-180cm
XLWEIGHT: 75-95kg
HEIGHT: 150-190cm
XXLWEIGHT: 95-110kg
HEIGHT: 155-190cm

If you fit in the mid-range of sizes:

Smaller Size: PERFECT FOR RECOVERY A smaller fit will better support your muscles. If you’re specifically buying 2XU recovery tights it's recommended to choose a smaller size.

Larger Size: PERFECT FOR PERFORMANCE If you're looking to do high or low impact activity we recommend a larger size for fuller coverage, more flexibility and greater performance.

**Your 2XU Compression garment should fit the body snugly and firmly without uncomfortably. For specific sizing, please refer to our Size Guide above, taking into consideration that if you're near the borderline for sizes or you wish to wear your compression garment primarily for recovery purposes, be sure to choose the smaller size where possible.

Womens Sport Apparel

XXSBUST: 78-82cm
WAIST: 58-62cm
HIP: 86-90cm
XSBUST: 83-87cm
WAIST: 63-67cm
HIP: 91-95cm
SBUST: 88-92cm
WAIST: 68-72cm
HIP: 96-100cm
MBUST: 93-97cm
WAIST: 73-77cm
HIP: 101-105cm
LBUST: 98-102cm
WAIST: 78-82cm
HIP: 106-110cm
XLBUST: 103-107cm
WAIST: 83-87cm
HIP: 111-115cm