IVY PARK is a joint venture, partnership and stand-alone brand created by music superstar Beyoncé and Sir Philip Green. Combining fashion-focused designs with technical innovation, the brand has mastered modern essentials for both on and off the field. Think contemporary, understated silhouettes, bold branding and meticulous attention to detail for cool and confident pieces that empower women through sport.

When Beyoncé first launched IVY PARK in 2016, she explained that her mission statement was to push the boundaries of athletic wear, and inspire women to understand that beauty is never just about physical appearance. Drawing on her own personal experience of how sport taught her discipline and made her reflect on her familial dynamic, the deep soul that Beyoncé puts into everything she does is clearly seen in IVY PARK. The ‘park’ referenced in the name becomes a metaphor for a place that gives you strength, and Beyoncé encourages you to consider where your park is. The IVY PARK woman has always been about strength and inner beauty, and about acknowledging trends but never being consumed by them. As a result, IVY PARK pieces are bold, varied and always inspiring.

When shopping IVY PARK at THE ICONIC, you’ll find a range of sports tights, sports bras and structured lifestyle pieces. Always ready for the next challenge, IVY PARK is ahead of the trend curve, and we stock styles that embody this gregariousness in challenging yourself and the world around you.