Jabra, part of the global audio giant GN Group, are at the forefront of intelligent sound solutions. Established over a century ago, the GN Group have bestowed upon the world groundbreaking innovations, from the world’s first Bluetooth headset to the world’s first sports headphones with an integrated heart rate monitor. Unified, the group continue to be pioneers of audio technology, evolving the consumer headphones, professional headsets and hearing aids we know today.

Jabra is driven by one sole purpose: ‘to make your life sound better.’ Underpinned by this goal, Jabra spends countless hours researching and engineering to deliver novel products that understand and meet the needs of its end users. The result is a range of high-quality, meticulously engineered products that fuse function with form. These include wireless earbuds for enhanced mobility, noise-cancelling headsets to block out unnecessary noise, high-definition headsets for superior sound quality and fitness-tracking sports headphones for personalised workouts.

Discover the freedom of premium wireless audio technology for unhindered music experience, crystal-clear call clarity and cutting-edge sports technology in Jabra’s products. Rendered in titanium black, red or blue, enjoy the THE ICONIC’s selection of Jabra wireless headphones, earbuds and sports headphones. With such a range, you’ll find your perfect sound solution for the office, your daily commute, your nightly gym session, or when adventuring outdoors.