Children's Books

Welcome to THE ICONIC’s Children's Books corner; a kid-friendly place where your little ones can start to cultivate their own little library. With a commitment to ensuring a captivating reading experience, our fun and educational catalogue of reading material is designed for babies and toddlers and extends right through to kids.

For all manner of paperbacks, hardbacks and soft fabric books, the Children's Books collection offers a diverse range of boys and girls science and nature books; literature and fiction stories; educational books and combined book and toy sets. From picture books, textured books, waterproof books and pop-up books, there is a style for every young personality.

Opt for crowd-pleasing brands such as Jellycat, Bunnies By The Bay, Hape, Melissa & Doug, Beatrix Potter and Mizzie the Kangaroo or turn to our considered choice, Sassi.

At THE ICONIC, we want to ensure reading-hour is as engaging as possible which is why our Children's Books collection is your one-stop shop for all their bookshelf essentials. Enjoy free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand and have the young ones curled up on a beanbag or ready for a good, old fashioned bedtime story.