Beloved by children for generations, dolls are a quintessential addition to any growing toy collection. THE ICONIC carries an extensive range of dolls, doll clothes and accessories, making it easier than ever to find their next companion while shopping online.

Whether lifelike or whimsical, plush or sturdy, dolls can make an enriching addition to your child’s playtime. From Barbie’s first appearance in 1959, to the continual innovation and inclusivity the dolls of today strive for, these toys are inextricably linked to recognition, nurturing and imaginative play. Dolls encourage children to dream and problem solve, get creative and think outside the box - dolls are limited only by your child’s imagination, and are the perfect toy to get them practicing invaluable developmental skills like fine motor skills and creative thinking.

THE ICONIC’s range of dolls reflects the diversity of the world around us, and encourages kids to embrace the same. Our range of Barbie dolls features a wide variety of jobs and professions, abilities, races and ages, with Ken and little sister Kelly also making an appearance. Browse our collection of Barbie dress-ups, Barbie accessories and Barbie playsets to really round out their world. Encourage your child to engage with concepts of representation and diversity with our range of Miniland dolls, or support a brand with a social mission by choosing an Olli Ella Dinkum Doll.

Kit their dolls out with the latest and greatest doll accessories and doll clothes. Whether you’re shopping for your budding fashionista or simply looking to dress their favourite doll up for a special occasion, you’ll find an array of outfits and accessories to bring their dreams to life. Help build out their doll’s wondrous world with a beautiful doll house. Browse Barbie Dreamhouse, Polly Pocket and Sylvanian Families to find their perfect forever home. For your littlest ones, browse our range of soft dolls, plush dolls and newborn-friendly dolls from brands like Nana Huchy, Kikadu and Alimrose.

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