Levi’s Made & Crafted

The history of jeans can be traced back to one man—Levi Strauss. Crafting workwear of unparalleled strength and wearability, his eponymous clothing label, Levi’s, has endured for almost a century and a half, maintaining its status as the gold standard of denim throughout the eras. The question is, how do you build on such a dominant legacy of craftsmanship and quality? The answer is Levi’s Made & Crafted.

Originally launched in 2009, Levi’s Made & Crafted seasonal collections stands apart from the brand’s base offering. The capsules are inspired by a nomadic lifestyle, exploring far reaches of the globe to feature input from foreign designers and inspiration from immersive travel experience.

The result is an always up-to-date expression of the Levi’s brand. Levi’s Made & Crafted draws on its rich heritage, ensuring to stay rooted in classic Levi’s styling, but always pushing its exploration of style and its propensity for quality. Using elevated construction techniques and materials, denim connoisseurs will appreciate the passion for design and denim that exists in every detailed piece.

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