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Australian Made and Owned Beeswax Wraps Australia is on a mission to grow and inspire mindful and sustainable actions, by reducing our culture’s dependency on single-use plastics, creating exciting, effective, reusable and compostable food wrapping solutions. Lunch & Snack Pack: Lunch tastes better when it's wrapped sustainably. This selection of wraps is perfect for keeping your sandwiches and snacks fresh and tasty.

- Highest quality ACO Australian Certified Organic beeswax from north NSW

- GOTS certified organic cotton

- Organic certified jojoba oil, wild pine rosin, and colloidal silver for antimicrobial enhancement.

- Solar wax heating

- Cover, stick, squeeze, wash and reuse!. To keep your wraps healthy for up to a year or longer: wash them with your hands in cold water using light or alcohol-free soap and set them to dry completely before next use.

Pack includes:

- 3 Smalls (23x23 cm): Perfect size to cover bowls, reduce the oxidation of your half avocados, half lemons, half zucchinis by wrapping all your half produce with the small beeswax wrap. Great to fold into a small snack bag for nuts, crackers, dried fruits, and more.

- 2 Mediums (28x34 cm): Keep your cheese fresh for longer in medium beeswax wrap, make sandwich bags, and store loose vegetables and fruits like mushrooms, strawberries, tomatoes and herbs.

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Made using organic cotton

Manufactured in Australia

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