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The Men's Beaded Bracelet with Driftwood, Matte Hematite and Hand Carved Silver Tube Beads by Nialaya was inspired by the peerless vibe of the world famous Malibu surfer lifestyle. So close to Nialaya Flagship store, and yet a completely different word. Malibu lies just north-west of Hollywood, right on the Pacific Coast. It is one of Jannik's favorite destinations to unwind and relax.
- 7mm x 6mm Black and Light Driftwood Beads
- 7mm x 6mm Matte Hematite Beads
- 7mm x 6mm Stainless Steel Beads with Silver Finish
- Black Nylon String
- Lock in Stainless Steel with Silver
- Handmade in Los Angeles
- Size, measured on inside of bracelet, Small: 16cm, Medium: 17cm, Large: 18cm, XLarge: 19cm, XXLarge: 20cm