Men's Scarves

Talk of fashion accessories for men, and you have the quintessential scarf! Men’s scarves can be as diverse and stylish as you may imagine, and from being a basic add-on for the winter, scarves have emerged as the must-have fashion staple. Whether you are heading to a cocktail party in the fall or a best friend’s wedding, you need to have a variety of scarves in your collection.

Welcome to THE ICONIC! We bring a collection of men’s scarves that features some of the top brands, including Band of Outsiders, Mcintyre, Polo Ralph Lauren, Oxford, and Yuki Threads!

What to buy in men’s scarves? Scarves can be used in the way you interpret the accessory. If you are heading for work, go for checks and solid colours for the fall. For the casual winter looks, team bright scarves with any cardigan or sweater of your choice. All over, scarves and bandanas are other popular choices for summers and springs. There are no rules here, and size hardly matters. However, for formal looks, always stick to the standard solid colours, while prints and neon shades are great for every season for that extra element of contrast. Bandanas are great when you don’t want to do the long scarf look!

Now that you have figured out the basics, go ahead and shop for men’s scarves from this page. We are constantly updating our collection, and we promise to bring more choices for the contemporary man’s wardrobe.