Finding its feet on the island of Mallorca, Spain in 1975, Camper has since established a family business with a rich Mediterranean shoemaking heritage that is recognised and renowned worldwide in more than 40 different countries. Creator, Lorenzo Fluxa, seeked to design footwear that exuded contemporary appeal and provided comfort for the people, whether you lived in mountainous regions or on flat plains.

The shoes are still to this day designed and developed in Inca, located within Mallorca, by a large team of creative experts who manage to produce an estimate of 500 models each season, constantly emanating a spirit of innovation in craftsmanship. Inspired by country shoes worn by the town's local farmers, they showcase dexterous design and resourcefulness.

Creating with everybody in mind, Camper shoes often feature classic elements that are fused with modern qualities, giving it its idiosyncratic aesthetic. Challenging conventional shoe concepts, their designs appear relaxed and casual, yet refined and sophisticated, with plenty of past collections boasting a look that sits between dress shoes and sneakers—blurring the boundaries between categories.

Their signature exposed stitching, leather exterior and rubber soles make them practical and comfortable enough for everyday wear. Once you buy a pair of Camper shoes you will understand what all the fuss is about. Kick your feet up for now—shop THE ICONIC’s edit online and let us deliver straight to your door.