Men's Cargo Pants

A lot of fashion which we wear today has a history attached to it. These baggy trousers that we call as cargo pants were first introduced in British armed forces in the 1930s and became the teenagers' favourite few decades later. Having mixed reactions from the fashion world, these have continued to woo people and have remained their favourites for seasons.

What do you need to look out for a while buying cargo pants?
If you pick the right fit, then you may not end up looking like a baggy piece of fashion. Pulling off a stylish pair of cargo trousers that are slim, tapered, and fine of fabric, but it is the only slightly bulkier, straight-leg variant that makes fashion game stronger.

Contrary to the belief that cargo trousers are for those men who are involved in outdoors and rough exercises, they are now worn by the significant population of men and women offering comfort and charisma of a functionally driven relaxed style.

Welcome to THE ICONIC, the online store in fashion and accessories where we try to keep up with the trend and bring the latest in fashion for our customers. Men's cargo pants have been in fashion for several years, and millennials have adopted this as the streetwear fashion. Available in different fabrics and sizes, our size guide help you pick the right size. Stock your wardrobe with the latest pants collection, which is comfortable, stylish, versatile, and convenient.

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