Micro Scooters

For a range of innovative, meticulously-made scooters for adults and kids of all ages, look no further than Micro Scooters. Micro by name but maximum on fun, THE ICONIC’s offering of Micro Scooters offers everyone a convenient and compact way to get from A to B in style.

The Micro Scooters story begins in 1996, where founder Wim Ouboter wanted a quick and simple way to get to his favourite cafe. The cafe wasn’t far enough away to justify busting out his bike or hopping in the car, and so Ouboter went on to create the first aluminium folding scooter. By 1999, Ouboter and his Swiss design team pushed their two-wheel Micro Scooter and kickboard into production, and met worldwide success upon hitting the market. Throughout the 2000s, Micro Scooter went from strength to strength, creating everything from mini scooters for kids as young as two years old, to adult-sized scooters for parents and those who simply wanted a greener way to get around.

THE ICONIC’s range of Micro Scooters has scooters to suit every member of the family. Here, you’ll find the beloved Micro Mini Deluxe and Micro Mini Deluxe LED, a pair of child-friendly scooters designed for kids aged 2-5. With extensive thought given to every element of design, from the patented lean-to-steer mechanism to non-slip silicon deck, the Micro Mini is perfect for children learning to scoot. Adults can get in on the action with the brand’s offering of full-sized scooters, including the Speed+ and Suspension scooters to tackle uneven terrain without compromising speed and a smooth ride.

Whether you want to kickstart your scooter journey, or stock up on a range of accessories including helmets, ribbons and luggage trolleys, THE ICONIC’s range of Micro Scooters has everything you’ll need and more. Shop the latest Micro Scooters online at THE ICONIC, and enjoy the option of free and fast shipping around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.