From our ways of working and collaboration to our growth mindset and sustainable approach, we each add unique value and have an incredible amount of fun doing it! We are forward thinking, energetic and we collectively move to create a positive impact.


Our culture of learning is an environment that supports and encourages the collective discovery, sharing and application of knowledge. This helps us to continually improve, achieve goals and attain new possibilities every day.

Life at

THE ICONIC Principles

Our Principles are the DNA code that unites us and sets a standard of what we can expect of each other. They are a fundamental ‘truth’ that serve as a foundation for our core beliefs and what we will be held account to. They are our custom, our habit and the way we do things at THE ICONIC.

THE ICONIC PrinciplesTHE ICONIC Principles

People are our greatest asset

We trust and empower our people to do great work. We create a workplace where everyone feels they belong. We hire for values and potential, developing our people for life, not just today.

People are our greatest assetPeople are our greatest asset

We are true to our customers

We are all responsible for delivering an incredible customer experience. We prioritise our customers and always listen, seek to understand and empathise with their needs. We obsess over our customers’ needs and how to solve them in creative ways.

We are true to our customersWe are true to our customers

Growth is our mindset

We seek continuous improvement of ideas and views from others. We are flexible and adaptable to new ways of working. We create a safe environment to learn from our actions and thrive in change.

Growth is our mindsetGrowth is our mindset

We get things done

We are pragmatic, solving problems and supporting decisions with evidence. We aim for ‘best’ rather than ‘first’, with quality in everything we do. We commit to excellence in execution.

We get things doneWe get things done

Never stop learning

We are curious and willing to learn, unlearn and relearn. We are teachers, coaches and students and continuous feedback is craved. We are vulnerable and willing to learn from mistakes.

Never stop learningNever stop learning

Stronger together

We trust and enable each other to do our best work. We commit to the team, celebrate our wins, and learn together in our failures. We value diverse thinking and collaboration to make us stronger.

Stronger togetherStronger together

We all make a difference

We act with integrity in our behaviours and take responsibility when we see a problem. We think like owners and look after our workplace, company and world, building a sustainable future for all. We aim to be our best self and bring the best out in others.

We all make a differenceWe all make a difference

Dream big

We are progressive, defining a future different to the past, exploring new ways and constantly innovating. We raise the bar when it starts getting comfortable and we are willing to challenge the status quo. We work hard for our dreams -  it takes sweat and determination to make them reality.

Dream bigDream big


At THE ICONIC, we’ve crafted a culture where we celebrate our people and their whole selves. We want everyone to be able to bring the best version of themselves to work each day, so we provide access to extras that make #ICONIClife healthy, full and balanced for everyone:

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The Learning Collective

Your growth and development is important, so we invest in it. Get involved in Learning Days, connect with ICONIC coaches and expand your knowledge with our Learning Bank.

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Flexible working

Balance is truly important, so we offer flexible solutions from personalised start and finish times to working from home so you can engage in the activities that help you be your best.

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People are our greatest asset and we support everyone to take care of their health and whole self. We celebrate achievements, large and small, and offer gym and health insurance discounts.

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Curate your style

We’re lucky to have insider insights on seasonal trends, enjoy generous discounts and the rush of exclusive sample sales. Be treated to a professional photo shoot when you join the team!

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Parents at THE ICONIC

The special moments with your kids matter, so we support our people when they become a new parent with paid parental leave, and time to be present on their first day of school.

Our Teams

To explore where you may find your next fit, check out these insights on some of our brilliant teams so you can sample just how energetic, creative and collaborate we really are.

Our TeamsOur Teams

Category Management

Our Category Management team is a lively and determined collection of Buyers, Planners, Account Managers and Analysts with a strong understanding of what our customers love. THE ICONIC partners with over 1000 amazing brands and we also develop our own exclusive labels in-house, so it's this team who brings the enormous and exciting range of products to site for our customers. They liberate and inspire our customers with the products they select by living and breathing fashion!

Category ManagementCategory Management

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team loves to make our customers happy, whether it's via phone, email, livechat or social media. This team is a creative bunch who think outside the box to solve any query. Based across three locations in Sydney and Manila, they're a growing team and always looking for passionate customer-centric people to join in casual and permanent positions.

Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Finance & Risk

Our Finance & Risk team is not traditional in its approach. They are highly connected to the whole business to support smart decision making while enabling our people to get the job done. Their expertise includes Business Partnering, Financial Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Risk & Controls and Procurement. This team is constantly evolving their ways of working to support what our business needs as it continues to grow at pace.

Finance & RiskFinance & Risk

Fulfilment Operations

Our Operations team is large and dynamic. They are the heart of our business, connecting our products to our customers in the most efficient way. The team is spread across our large Fulfilment Centre, CBD and Production Hubs. Their expertise covers Inventory, Inbound, Outbound, Delivery Experience, Fulfilment Strategy, Project Management, Fulfilment Analytics, Marketplace Operations and Vendor Management.

Fulfilment OperationsFulfilment Operations

People & Culture

Our People & Culture team is an integral part of THE ICONIC and essential to our people experience. The team is a collaboration of Learning, Talent Acquisition, Business Partnering, Health, Safety & Wellbeing and Workplace experts supporting our business to foster a learning culture and create an inspiring employee experience, applying a progressive people-first philosophy to help us bring our whole self to work and be stronger together.

People & CulturePeople & Culture


Our in-house Production Team is focused on presenting our customers with the best view of product to make informed choices. This skilled group of Photographers, Stylists, Hair & Makeup Artists, Retouchers and Content Writers pride themselves in being able to flow products from arrival to shoot to present online, bringing our products to customers as fast as possible.



Our Marketing team includes Brand, Trade, Merchandising and Creative experts focused on trailblazing projects that engage our customers in the most innovative ways. Their decisions are data-driven and based on logic, insight and customer desire, layered with their love of fashion. They are committed to growing the impact of THE ICONIC through imagination, style and understanding our customer mindset.



Our Sustainability, Ethical Sourcing & Environment Team is dedicated to making responsible decisions for our world. They work to understand the social and environmental impacts of our business operations and implement programs to minimise any risks and inspire change. They collaboratively work across the business to educate and help us make the best social and environmental decisions in everything we do, both inside and outside of THE ICONIC.


Tech & Product

Our Tech & Product team is driven by innovation, collaboration and enabling the best customer experience. They are a playful and clever group of Engineers, Data Scientists, UX Designers, Product Owners, Cyber Security Specialists and more. This team is empowered to disrupt and move fast to bring better product experiences to our customers.

Tech & ProductTech & Product