More Sustainable Materials

At THE ICONIC we recognise that there is no one perfect solution to sustainability and we strive for progress rather than perfection. When analysing new materials and fibres, consideration is given to social and environmental impacts such as water usage, energy output and chemical inputs while also recognising that real change takes time.  

There are many innovative materials that may not be a mainstream fibre just yet but have similar environmental benefits and deserve to be in the spotlight.

Desserto's Vegan Cactus Leather, a plant-based alternative to animal leather and PVC, creates cruelty-free leather from organically grown cactuses in Mexico. Not only are these products produced from natural resources but they also require minimal water to grow. This new direction could kick start a much more sustainable industry for vegan leather goods.

Another sustainable option is Ramie, a natural fibre native to China which requires minimal pesticides or herbicides to produce and can be harvested multiple times a year. Very similar to Linen, Ramie is a durable material and creates a long-lasting product.

We are always eager to learn and incorporate new materials where we can, so keep an eye on site for new Considered arrivals in our Sustainable Materials category!