There’s no better way to bust boredom or keep your mind (and hands) busy than with the perfect PUZZLE. THE ICONIC carries an ever-growing collection of jigsaw puzzles by leading toy and games brand PUZZLE, with a wide variety of designs and themes to choose from.

Part of the Winning Moves stable of games, PUZZLE offers kids, teens and adults of all ages an impressive suite of jigsaw puzzles to delve into on a rainy day. Puzzles are great for testing your patience, concentration and visual recognition, and can be the perfect activity to bring families together for an afternoon of pieced-together fun. Alternatively, puzzles are a great activity to occupy your solo time, or to keep kids entertained while on school holidays or weekends spent inside. No matter your mood or skill level, there’s a PUZZLE to suit everyone.

THE ICONIC’s collection of PUZZLE jigsaw puzzles offers a great range of themes and difficulty levels to choose from. Younger children will love the brand’s double-sided floor puzzles, with 100 pieces and heaps of fun facts packed inside. Akin to the classic Top Trumps game, these double-sized puzzles will teach kids cool stats, factoids and trivia about dinosaurs, animals and more. Older kids and teens can turn their hand to PUZZLE’s 1000 piece puzzles, with pop culture themes covering everything from Friends and Harry Potter to Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. No matter their niche, PUZZLE promises to have the perfect puzzle.

Browse the latest from PUZZLE online at THE ICONIC, and enjoy the option of free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand.