Modern luxury and individuality defines New York-based accessories and jewellery brand Shashi. Shashi celebrates cultural diversity and internationalism with their eclectic mix of bohemian-inspired bracelets and necklaces, rings, textured custom pieces and earrings which capture a vibrant, festival-ready spirit.

Winner of the Fashion Incubator Program in 2009, Donna Kobo went on to create a brand that redefines the meaning of character through its meticulous and unique design process, elevating the art of jewellery making to greater heights. Shashi jewellery is for the expressive and creative soul, with pieces inspired by fascinating destinations from around the world. Combining elements of the Bohemian lifestyle, the American Southwest, Californian surfers and rock’n’roll, Shashi creates affordable, one-of-a-kind ornaments with a luxe feel.

While browsing the Shashi range, you will find a collection of cut and unfinished gemstones, eye-catching bead work, geometric shapes, custom leather work, silk tassels and other modern textures in polished gold and silver-toned metallics. Thoughtful detailing and care is an integral part in the creation of Shashi accessories. No two Shashi accessories are the same, with every gemstone studded ring, bracelet set and embellished chain pushing the boundaries of current trends and inspiring cultural connection.

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