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Designed for sound snuggling without a blankie, the Sheeting Bag 2.5 TOG by ergoPouch keeps your little one bundled in full comfort with zip-through entries from chin to hips, and again through the legs for versatile cross-climate suitability.

- Measurements: Shoulder to Toe: 108cm
- Organic 400 thread count cotton outer; added stretch panelling; cotton lined and insulated; opaque
- Full-body pouch; sleeveless
- Zip-through entry from chin and between legs
- Sleeping bag and sleeping suit versatility; adjustable legs
- 2.5 TOG-rated for warmth; 2.5 TOG can be used on its own in room temperatures between 17-23°C / 63-73°F with no blankets in the bassinet or cot to make this a safe sleep option for a newborn or baby

Caution: Fire hazard, keep away from heat and flame

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Made using organic cotton

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Sustainable Materials

Product made of materials with a lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives

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