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Help prevent baby bald spots and promote regrowth of baby's luscious locks with Silky Tots 100% Mulberry Silk Cot Sheets. Perfectly fitted to the cot mattress, your baby’s head will gently glide across the liquid-smooth, hypoallergenic Silk Cot Sheet surface, reducing the friction that leads to knotting, matting and the dreaded baby bald spot

Fitted sheet; 132cm x 70cm x 17cm. Fits all standard cots. - Reduce friction, infant hair loss and knotting - Assist in the natural regrowth of baby bald spots - Retain baby’s natural oils and hydration for glowing skin and hair - Regulate baby’s temperature: keeping them cool in summer; warm in winter - Support management of asthma and dust-mite related allergies - Soothe eczema and irritated skin - Promote a deep, comfortable and safe sleep for baby
Silky Tots
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Silk Cot Sheet