Superdry Sport

From contemporary British clothing company Superdry comes the fitness-focused Superdry Sport. Launched in 2017 in response to the overwhelming global demand for high performance clothing and booming activewear market, Superdry Sport offers sportive, on-trend apparel and accessories that make a statement when you’re breaking a sweat. Whether you’re an amateur runner or you hit the gym five times a week, the brand has all the gear you need to tackle high impact exercise and reach your peak performance.

The Superdry Sport range includes men’s and women’s apparel and features all your activewear essentials. Jackets, leggings, tees, singlets, sweaters and shorts are crafted from high-quality breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you comfortable, cool and dry so you can work out harder for longer. The cut of every garment is carefully considered to provide a wider range of motion while enhancing your shape which ensures flattering form and second to none functionality.

Creative design is paramount to the brand, drawing upon references such as vintage Americana, Japanese-inspired graphics and quintessential British style. Statement logos, bright fluoro colours and motivational slogans feature heavily on the apparel and functional accessories including hats, gym bags, yoga mats and water bottles. Performance footwear including cushioned sneakers designed for running, cycling and high intensity interval training complete the collection.

With a commitment to providing the best of activewear, THE ICONIC delivers a wide range of Superdry Sport menswear and womenswear. Infused with technology and style, the range caters to your winter and summer sporting needs and is the motivation you need to raise the bar.