With extensive experience in the craft of shoemaking, Superga is a global name in popular footwear. Conceived in 1911 in Turin by Italian designer Walter Martiny, Superga originally only made tennis shoes including the brand’s famous ‘2750 Classic’ shoe, but later diversified to make high-quality footwear for men, women and children dedicated to other sports and everyday life. Today, Superga collaborate with celebrities and style icons like Alexa Chung to reimagine their signature style.

Superga’s versatile range of shoes come in both classic white and muted tones for an understated look that promises to complement any ensemble as well as bright and bold shades that add a playful pop of colour to your outfits. The timeless design of each shoe features the hard-wearing vulcanised rubber sole, lace-up fastening and rounded toe to create an essential and durable piece of footwear perfect for both men and women’s wardrobes worldwide. For a unique take on the Superga style, experiment with woven rope finishes, metallic details and prints.

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