Tee Ink

Born on the North Shore of Sydney in 2011, Australian-based label Tee Ink has matured into a brand for sun-seekers the globe over with customers from around the world. Characterised by a commitment to high-quality fabrics, clean silhouettes and an ease of wear, Tee Ink first began with a simple tee and has since become a one-stop destination for wardrobe staples by those who cling to the coast and live for the weekend.

Best worn on sandy limbs are Tee Ink’s range of tees and tops, sweats and hoodies, shirts, pants, jackets, knits and dresses. With each collection cleverly named after castaways and holiday clubs, it’s little wonder Tee Ink is for the adventurers and for those coastal getaways that you escape to for a few sun-drenched days. Tee Ink is for nights with sea salt on your skin and in your hair, on a bar stool next to your closest friends. They’re for bringing the memory of these moments back to your everyday life, long after the trip has ended.

Tee Ink believe in dressing for the weekend, the better days, the adventures, the leisure and the pleasure. A premium selection of Tee Ink men’s and women’s apparel and swimwear is available on THE ICONIC – Australia’s leading online destination for men’s and women’s fashion and leisurewear.