Envisioning a label that would create simple and easy-wearing accessories, designer Gus Agra and ex-biologist Marina Tokarski conceived Sydney-based label Von-Röutte. The brand draws inspiration from the three pillars of Nordic design — functionality, clean design and simplicity. Its name, Von-Röutte, hails from a combination of languages that ultimately references the phrase "on a journey”. Starting out with a rationale for creating sleek utilitarian bags and accessories, Von-Röutte has since expanded to include footwear for the modern urbanite.

Minimalist aesthetic and functionality are at the helm of Von-Röutte’s design ethos. Casual yet sophisticated, the label predominantly uses materials such as canvas, bovine leather, Portuguese suede and neoprene to craft their shoes, bags and wallets.

For urban jaunts, find your ideal travel companion in the brand’s structured leather backpacks, while capacious neoprene tote bags will inject a practical and sportive aesthetic to your daily ensembles. Perforated bifold wallets in muted colour palettes of burgundy, brown and black finesse metropolitan ensembles, while smooth leather folios provide corporate functionality through their technologically-inspired size specifications. Cultivate a sleek streetwise profile in panelled Velcro-strapped sneakers or incite intrigue in shoes with zippered throats.

Shop THE ICONIC's range of Von-Röutte and inset their wares into your daily rotation for effortless and functional aesthetic.