Baby Bags

The contemporary mother has to juggle many responsibilities, and soon after your baby is born, you are expected to travel everywhere with the little bundle of joy. To keep all the essentials in place, including the diapers, you definitely need a couple of nappy bags. Contrary to its use and purpose, nappy bags don’t have to be boring or predictable. At The ICONIC we bring a collection of stylish and functional bags from brands like Prene, Babymel, TIBA + MARL, Storksak, Emporio Armani, Il Tutto, Herschel, Colette by Colette and more!

How to shop for nappy bags?
Function is your foremost concern with nappy bags, and you need to check if the bag is big enough to store everything you need. From casual occasions and workwear needs to general fashion styles and active lifestyles, a nappy bag has to be designed for all kinds of needs. The brand itself is also something to be considered because this is more of an investment for the next couple of years or even more, and therefore, you need a product that’s designed for the purpose. Check if the nappy bag has enough compartments to store different things. As for the style, it is a matter of personal choice, but pick colours that are more universally appealing and likeable.

Now that you have figured out nappy bags, check our range and find your pick. Make sure that you have an extra at home too!