Women's Card Holders

From teenagers to adults, women of all ages carry cards to make payments on-the-go. Most women walk with minimal cash nowadays, as the concept of money has already been digitized mostly. But, keeping your credit and debit cards requires a safe and handy space. In most settings, when women take out their card holders, it also shows their style and personality. Hence, card holders have become a necessity and fashion accessory altogether. So, you need to choose your card holder keeping both factors in mind.

THE ICONIC is the right store to conduct your search for perfect-looking card holders for women. You can explore designs in terms of brands, colours, materials, and sizes.

Find your daily-use and fancier card holders!
Many women choose to keep multiple card holders to carry in different occasions. You can have a daily-use card holder along with formal, casual and party options. Similarly, there are card holder designs to match your streetwear style, active lifestyle and other requirements.

Top brands have exciting designs in leather and Suede to match your needs. And, they are all exclusively available at THE ICONIC. While you have all the classic colour choices such as black and brown, more hip colour choices are possible as well with pink, red and multi-colour card holders. Make sure you pay close attention to the design to understand the space and sections it can provide. Your requirement for ease of carrying cards and other accessories should be fulfilled with a wallet. So, start browsing!