Pronounced ‘aw-guhs’, Australian brand AVGVS embodies a rare consciousness in the fashion industry - distinguishing itself from other luxury brands with a true passion for creating high-quality products sustainably. Deriving their name from the Latin name ‘Avgvstvs’ - the first Ancient Roman Emperor and a patron of the arts and literature - AVGVS’s signature collection of leather goods is an ode to all things inspiring, expressive and creative.

Inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape and the flora and fauna that live within it, the brand delivers a ‘dark luxe’ aesthetic - think minimal and wearable, yet effortlessly chic. Naming their accessories after poisonous native plants and donning a logo of a figure-eight serpent figure, AVGVS’s unique, original designs are crafted using artisanal European techniques such as ion-plating and specialised stitching methods to ensure everlasting quality. The founders of AVGVS stand for the concept of ‘slow fashion’ - an attempt to counteract the disposable, wasteful nature of ‘fast fashion’ that the audience at large is subjected to in fast-paced modern society.

By offering high quality goods at an accessible price point, the brand presents a conscious shift in the fashion industry to re-introduce products that are built with longevity - possessing a vision that sees items being passed down through generations once more. From leather handbags and clutches to backpacks and wallets, AVGVS crafts accessories that are seasonless - slowing down mindless consumption, reducing environmental impact and providing endlessly wearable designs for the fashion-conscious at once.

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