Base layers - Women's

While planning for adventures, the most important thing you need in your adventure kit is the base layer that can keep you warm at coldest temperature. They are worn next to the skin specially designed to insulate and should be odour repellant in a variety of conditions, yet fashionable even for casual wear. Breathable fabrics help you keep dry while wicking sweat away from the body.

At THE ICONIC online store, you will find the best brands in Women’s Base Layers. All of these are designed to fit differently where the available size ranges from XS to XL. While picking up the base layer, you need to consider the right fit and the one that is comfortable for you to wear all day long.

How to Pick the Best Base Layer Look out for the fabric that suits you well. Most of the people prefer natural fabric over synthetic because it keeps you cosy and gives you stink-proof breathability keeping the odour away for days. But it is a little on the higher side, and if you feel you do not want to spend much, you can go for synthetic, which lasts longer and hold its shape to fit you tighter. Depending on the type of activity, you can buy lightweight and heavyweight base layers. You can also go for a combination of both if you live in a place which has varied temperature range and not to forget, you can also style a tank top or a tee if you want that extra warmth.