Women's Two-Piece Pyjama Set

Sleeping at night in comforting clothes is a must when you spend your whole day doing a thousand things. From college students to working professionals, women of all ages and all walks of life need the luxury of soft pyjamas to enjoy a sound sleep. Such comfort is possible in the styles you prefer like long-sleeves, short-sleeves, or no-sleeves.

Most popular fabric choices in Two-Piece Pyjama Sets are silk, polyester, cotton, rayon, viscose and woven. Guess what?! You can now get any and all kinds of pyjama set right here at THE ICONIC. All women need their sleepwear in fabrics they feel easy while wearing. At the same time, it is essential that the size and style match your body.

Two-piece pyjamas in all varieties!
Two-piece pyjamas contain an upper and lower layer. The upper clothing piece can have a shirt style, robe style, t-shirt style or cami style as well. The lower pyjama layer can have full-length or short-length. Available in sets, both upper and lower layers showcase a matching design. Brands like Homebodii, Calvin Klein, Modern Romantique, Chalmers, and others offer some of the most beautiful collections of PJs. And, you can find them all at THE ICONIC.

Whether you like a single colour pattern like white, black or pink, or want colourful patterns on your PJs, the varieties of top brand choices don’t seem to end. All it takes is a few minutes of exploration at THE ICONIC to get every PJ set you want.