Women's Curvy T-Shirts and Singlets

Loving yourself is the first step towards personalizing fashion. If you are on the plus side and are looking for curvy T-shirts, you have landed on the right page!

Styling curvy T shirts
As the name suggests, curvy T-shirts are designed for ladies who need sizes beyond the normal chart. Mind it, you are not compromising on style and trends in any way- You are just finding sizes and designs that flatter your body type. From muscle tops and long-sleeve T-shirts to basic T-shirts and singlets, we have it all, and these can be paired with a regular pair of denim, chinos, or even with a mini skirt. THE ICONIC stocks some of the biggest brands in Australia, including Nike Plus, Missguided Curve, Levi’s Plus, dk active, Cotton on Curve, Boohoo, Mika Muse, and more!

Our curvy T-shirts are also great for all casual occasions, and these are usually made of cotton and comfortable fabrics, ideal to be worn for hours at a stretch! You don’t need many accessories – Just get your hair in an updo, wear a pair of hoops, and pair a curvy T-shirt with nice denim!

Shop the best curvy clothes with easy returns
We offer 30-day returns on numerous products, including some on this category. Please check individual product pages to know more, and don’t forget to check other categories, curated exclusively by top stylists for plus-sized women who love to flaunt their looks!