Elvis et Moi

Founded by Emilie Costechareyre, jewellery brand Elvis et Moi delivers minimal, modern pieces with a uniquely refined touch. Deeply immersed in the world of art, fashion and music, Costechareyre turned her hand to jewellery to express her aesthetic inspirations.

Defined by delicate lines and restrained minimalism, Elvis et Moi collections offer subtle, elegant pieces that bridge the gap between a quintessential rock and roll attitude and subversive femininity. Classic materials, such as brass, sterling silver and semi-precious stones, are used with a deft eye for detail, highlighting their inherent natural beauty. Engraved thin gold discs hang from fine chains, making for a signature Elvis et Moi aesthetic that sets the line apart and makes it instantly recognisable.

Heart motifs feature occasionally, though executed with the brand’s chic touch, nodding to the sentimental nature of the jewellery we keep close. Look to Elvis et Moi for pieces that range from unobtrusive, well-designed staples, such as thin chain bracelets, to statement styles, such as oversize single earrings.

Handcrafting and attention to detail make the brand’s designs ones to treasure for years to come, to sport as everyday accessories, or to rely on for a sophisticated polish on special occasions. Look to THE ICONIC to find a handmade Elvis et Moi piece just for you.