Jac Cadeaux

Jac Cadeaux is a brand of clothing and accessories that captures that iconic French girl style. Headlining the Jac Cadeaux range is the Heart-Coeur Collection. Embroidered red hearts which have become synonymous with love, happiness and hope and even flirtatiousness are available in comfortable sweatshirts, tops and caps creating that laissez-faire style one envy’s on the streets of Paris . Available in classic French colours; Blue, White and Red.

The brand is well known for it’s French Breton Stripe turning every girl into a stylish Parisienne. Coco Chanel, on her vacation to the French Riviera, was inspired by the French sailors blue and white stripe shirt and incorporated it in to her nautical collection in 1917. By doing so Chanel transformed stripes from its association with sailors to a fashionable garment.. All Jac Cadeaux's items are made from the finest quality materials for elegance , durability and sustainability. French linen and luxurious cottons create the idea of not only style but comfort too.

Jac Cadeaux founder, Claudia Stahl says: “At the heart of French style is the art of using everyday luxuries to create an effortless look'. ”Also key to that confident French style is enduring design – represented in Jac Cadeauxʼs ”timeless” logo – and enduring products that are well-made, using quality materials.