Red Corner Boxing

Bringing fitness boxing to the next level, Red Corner Boxing is the personalised boxing brand that the market has been waiting for. No longer are you practicing your jabs with oversized black gloves and pads. With Red Corner Boxing, your gloves will be tailored to your hand shape, skill level and style. Seeing a gap in the market, their team who have over 70 years combined product research and development experience for sporting and fitness products, have created a more personalised fitness boxing experience.

With their three core ranges — Spar, Bout and Fight, you can choose what level you want to box, what size gloves or mitts and in what style. Their belief is to make this about and for you. Each range differs from the last, with Spar aimed at the everyday fan of boxing, with affordable equipment. Bout is a step up and aimed for the two-plus a week boxer, with better quality materials for regular training sessions. Fight is the highest level of equipment with specially designed soft durable leather gloves and moisture absorbent linings.

On top of those three core ranges, Red Corner Boxing have also launched their Silver Label range, which brings fashion inside the ring. Utilising the love of bright and striking patterns and prints; the Silver Label range includes patterns such as Pop Art, Flamingo and Tropical print, making sure that it is not only your jabs and uppercuts that are catching the eye.

THE ICONIC’s range of Red Corner Boxing will help take you from eager bystander to budding boxer. With our colourful collection of bright eye catching gloves, mitts and pads, THE ICONIC is the perfect partner for your next step in fitness boxing.