Since their conception, Varley have been driven by a desire to create performance apparel that effortlessly blends quality and style. Bringing together the cosmopolitan elegance of London with the active lifestyle of New York, their range of street-inspired sportswear fuses the best of both worlds. If you're looking for apparel that can seamlessly carry you from work to the gym and then out to dinner, look no further than Varley women's activewear.

More than any other brand, Varley understand the difficulty of balancing your everyday self with your athletic one. They know that the modern woman lives a unique busy life and so their range of tops, tights, vests and sports bras aim to suit every moment of your day. No matter what sort of exercise it is that compels you ‒ whether it be running, swimming or smashing a workout at the gym ‒ Varley have got you covered. The label produces a wide range of sportswear, each item boasting high-quality construction without compromising style. What's more, Varley only craft their apparel and accessories from cutting-edge materials, designed to protect your skin and ensure you stay cool and comfortable during extensive sweat sessions. These pieces are finished with eye-catching prints that are full of character, ensuring that they look fashionable as well as functional. Though designed for exercising, you'll never want to take your Varley outfit off.

If you're ready to breathe new life into your sportswear collection, take a look at THE ICONIC's exciting range of Varley sports apparel. Whether you're after a lightweight tank top, supportive sports bra or a sleek new pair of tights, you're sure find something that'll help you reach peak performance and look great whilst doing it.