Yellow Willow

Yoga is all about the key principles of balance, transformation and inner peace. Yellow Willow aim to channel these driving forces behind the practice of yoga into beautiful and performance driven yoga mats and accessories. Their yoga mats are crafted from natural and recycled fibres, and are UV resistant, meaning that you can practice your craft in any outdoor space.

Yellow Willow are passionate about the intrinsic melding of beauty and performance that yoga encapsulates. The stillness of the positions, the blank areas of calm that your mind can wander to, and the relaxation that the craft exudes are all heightened by the critical importance of a good quality yoga mat that you can build a partnership with. Rendered in stunning patterns ranging from leopard print, to pastel florals and pink marble, the yoga mats are developed from a combination of natural fibres. The brand is hallmarked by its use of eco-tree rubber and soft microfibre suede fabric that has been crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Believing in the importance of sustainable practice and the value of natural materials, each piece is free from latex, silicone, toxic glue and PVC or phthalates.

With a strong ethos and dedication to unique and individual style without sacrificing performance, all Yellow Willow yoga mats feature non-slip grip, and are hyper-absorbent.These mats are made to last the test of time, and also feature anti-microbial properties to prevent wear and moulding from occurring.

At THE ICONIC, you’ll see that we have a range of the most distinctive Yellow Willow styles available. We stock a selection of their yoga mats and towels, and try to include styles that feature their colourful and thoroughly modern aesthetic.