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|19 May 2018|3 mins

Natural ways to care for your hair this winter

Become hair goals overnight

I’ve tried every hair colour under the Coachella sun (let’s not talk about the blonde phase in my early twenties that didn’t suit me at all, and cost me a bomb).

I was also in the generation in high-school just before hair straighteners were invented, where we used to actually use a clothing iron to straighten our hair in the mornings before school. Thank the lord for whoever invented GHDs!

So you can imagine the kind of damage I’ve done to my hair and had to remedy over the years. I’m also super into natural products and haircare is no exception, so I’ve worked out a few tricks over the years to get my strands looking nice, without completely ruining it.

Give these natural hair-saving hacks a go…

Image via @margotrobbie

Go for the Margot Robbie chop

I’d been trying to grow my hair out a while ago, and was finding no matter how many masks I did, I just couldn’t bring the dry ends back to shiny life. I decided to go for the big chop, like Margot Robbie’s length, and it was like I had a whole new set of hair. It was the best reset because it was instantly baby-glossy again. This style is very in at the moment - team it with an oversized blazer. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Pip Edwards has it, so get on board and feel the healthy rewards.

Image via @justine_cullen

Do as the French do

All of the hot air involved in styling messes with your hair, so just wash it and go. I recently read an interview with the editor of Elle magazine, Justine Cullen, who says it achieves a very undone look that’s popular among French women. Air-drying gives that natural look, as though you just woke up like that and are so effortlessly cool. Plus, it saves time and your ends from getting dried out from a set of tongs. Pair it with a white tee and black maxi.

Image via @piamuehlenbeck

Update your hat wardrobe

Another good way to avoid the damage from styling is to wash it less. You can extend the life of your hair by wearing a hat to hide the roots. There are a lot of cool hats out right now, like a fiddler cap, which is the one Pia’s wearing, as well as berets, which we spotted Mimi Elashiry wearing on her IG feed the other day. Just leave hair loose, or tie a little bun at the nape of your neck and pull out the hair around your face. So cute with a big fluffy coat.

Image via @aisha_jade

Embrace the ponytail trend

Avoid straightening and go for the messy ponytail look, like Aisha Jade. We know the ’90s has been back for a while now, and this has the best Sporty Spice vibes. Wear it with some cool trackpants and trainers and you’re all over it.

Image via @jacksteel_au of @lozcurtis

Load up on oils

If you can’t part with your hair tongs, undo the damage with oil treatments. Natural ones that include coconut oil and jojoba oil are great and will really increase the shine for dry hair.

I hate waiting around for beauty things like masks to do their work, so I’ll usually pop it on and tie it in a bun, then go out for a late afternoon walk to get some exercise, and wash it out when I get home. Multi-tasking is the best.

If you want waves without the heat damage, put slightly-damp hair in thick braids overnight and undo in the morning. Wear it with an off-the-shoulder top, skirt and black boots.

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