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The Iconic Edition
|24 Nov 2020|4 mins

5 Reasons Sunglasses Make a Great Gift

We’re getting a few of these delivered for ideal stocking fillers. 

Shades, sunnies, sunny-Gs, sunglasses – they’re the accessory we’re never without. But it’s only when summer approaches that we realise our trusty old pairs are a bit scratched, we’re a bit over them or it’s time for an upgrade. And we’re not the only ones – the whole crew is thinking the same. So here are a few reasons we’ll be giving them as gifts this year… 

1. You wear them ALL year long

We’re pretty blessed to live in the sunny country so even when the sun is low in the sky, they’re an accessory we never take off. You have a pair in the car, a pair on the bedside table – everywhere. 

2. They’re the quickest (and easiest) way to make your outfit look new

Try it. Same T-shirt and shorts you’ve been repping for months now? Swap the shades and let the compliments roll in. 

3. They’re the perfect-sized stocking filler

A great little token you can use to garnish the main present. 

4. They’re not ‘too personal’ to give your dad, your brother, your mate…

Handy, thoughtful enough and everyone needs a new pair. 

5. They fit every budget

With styles from $30 to hundreds depending on how much you like them this year. (Just kidding.) 

Fast delivery – free over $50 – and free returns. P.S. View your festive delivery cut off here.

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