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|5 Oct|4 mins

6 Artists On Self Expression And Finding Their Flow

Meet the talented singer-songwriters, rappers, artists and dancers behind our latest Sneakerhub campaign. 

Flow: a state of mind in which the person becomes fully immersed in an activity. Hoping to better understand this process and the relationship between artist and craft, we tapped a few of our favourite Sydney creators to learn how they connect with their creativity. 

Cat Strat – singer-songwriter @cat.strat

“I think music, in a way, has a sort of deeper connection to who you are as a person. My music right now is largely about the chaos that is going through teenagehood to your early twenties which is basically my whole life right now because I'm 21. Music has helped me come to terms with the fact that my identity is constantly changing – I am never going to be the same person I was yesterday – and that’s reflected in the songs. I’m a really visual person, so when I'm writing my music, I always think how it’s going to look with the music video, with the cover art, everything…”

Hammy – singer/songwriter @ham.my_

“Everything we make is based around people that are around in the community. Collaboration is how people level up and I think it’s also how people make bonds with people and with music it becomes a friendship that can last forever. I think it’s more than music when you’re collaborating. Vulnerability is the most important thing in music and I think it’s what people are most scared to do.” 

Kobie Dee rapper @kobiedee47

“I’m a Gomeroi artist from Moree, and I grew up on Bidjigal land in Maroubra. Being a rapper, I think authenticity is everything. To be completely vulnerable and show 100% of yourself on a track is when you make the best music. With my kind of style, it’s a lot of storytelling... In my culture we didn’t have any written language, everything was passed down through music, so I feel like I’m just carrying on that tradition. Music has helped me through some of my toughest times in life. Having this platform and having this voice I feel like I need to use it for good.” 

Luca Leggoartist @luca.leggo

“Art is my break from everything. Sometimes it is the only way I can communicate certain ideas. It’s the key to all the locks in my head. I work with acrylics and spray paints, mostly taken from a street art background. Art helps me be more authentic with myself, face myself, really look at myself in the mirror.” 

Lydia Kiveladancer @lydiakivela

“My movement is basically just a reaction to the sound, so if it feels right, I have to move. I feel like dance and movement should be so personal and individual to everyone because it is self expression, it is how you’re talking so what are you trying to say? Dance is a universal language. Dance teaches me that I belong and I am so powerful.”

Maina Doeartist @maina_doe

“My Somali-Indonesian background comes through in my melodies mostly. When I’m making music, I feel like the storyline and feeling comes first. I have a few alter ego characters that come to play in my music and in my writing. I find inspiration from movies, usually the storyline comes up first and then after that it’s the melodies and lyrics.”

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