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The Iconic Edition
|31 Jan 2020|3 mins

Are We Still Doing The Tee Under Shirt Thing?

Fashion's moved on since 1999.

If you’re in your late twenties to early thirties you’ll remember the bastion that was the 90s teenage rom-com. Titles like She’s All That, 10 Things I hate About You and American Pie that featured 28-year-old smooth-faced heartthrobs pretending to be 17-year-old high school kids **we're looking at you Freddie Prinze Jnr.

These – relatively – low budget cheese-fests were iconic for two reasons. Firstly, they all followed the formula of high school jock meets girl, girl reforms high school jock. The second, that t-shirts were always accompanied by an open-buttoned over shirt (generally in some form of plaid or flannel).

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In 2020 the bad boy 90s look is back; kind of.

It’s all about casual layers but here are a few new ways we’re wearing them.

The knit below.
Everything from cable knits to turtle necks, even hoodies; anything goes.

Shirt out, jacket in.
Whether it’s a basic tee under your favourite blazer or a more casual printed jacket . Both get our approval.

Bold plaids and party shirts.
It’s that 90s vibe, but bolder. Whether a subtle hint or all-out-statement, keep your short sleeve party shirts on rotation for autumn through winter.

Party & Plaid

Jack Phillips
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